Describe a Teacher from The Past Whom You Remember

Describe a Teacher from The Past Whom You Remember;  You should say:

  • what class the teacher taught you and how old you were
  • what subject he/she taught you
  • what this teacher’s special qualities were
  • and explain why still you remember this teacher.

Sample Answer of Describe a Teacher from The Past Whom You Remember

Teaching is an art not everyone can possess, and I think a good teacher needs a lot of patience and an extreme passion for educating students. Today, I wouldn’t miss this chance to talk about my favourite instructor, who is extremely stupendous for his teaching style. His name is Jason, who was my secondary school teacher. He taught the Mathematics subject when I was in my 10th standard. I believe I was 14 at that time. Although I was extremely weak in this subject, I could score 100% marks in the final board exam because of this instructor.

I remember that I used to get scolded by my mom for my poorest performance in Maths; I was not aware what was the reason at that time. However, Jason’s teaching style really mesmerized me because he took one to one lectures with which I had shown more interest in the subject. In fact, he had never hesitated to teach any number of times that I could ask for.
I remember him as an exceptionally amazing teacher who has a lot of patience and courage to see his students at the top, for which he had put his 100% to teach as many times as he could.

Follow-ups Describe a Teacher from The Past Whom You Remember


Question 1 What kind of person, in your opinion, makes a good teacher?

Answer – As I said before, a good teacher must be patient enough to teach or repeat as many times as the student request. Because few students have sharp brains whereas others may not, a good teacher would make students feel comfortable asking questions and raising concerns.

Question 2 Why do some people choose to become teachers?

Answer – Teaching comes out of passion, I believe. People who love to share their knowledge are more likely to become teachers. Teaching is, in fact, an incredible and respectable field that makes teachers more rewarding for what they do. For example, it would be hard for a person to continue in this field if he was not interested anymore.

Question 3 Do you think the education process will change in the future? How?

Answer – I believe the education system has already changed because of the significant increase in internet usage with technology. Most Classroom pieces of training have been replaced by online training. And in the upcoming days, there are chances that this trend will be even more automated due to artificial intelligence. For example, few theoretical routines experiments can be taught by robots directly, which reduces human resources.

Question 4 How does technology affect education?

Answer – Abundant change in teaching and learning can be seen nowadays. More people are opting for instructor-led online training instead of in-person training. In simple words, technology is a big time-saver, using which we can teach or study at our homes without having the need to travel to a university or college.

Question 5 Who do you think should be responsible for teaching manners and good behaviour to young children – parents or teachers? Why?

Answer – I believe both parents and teachers must teach good manners to children because teachers can help pupils learn how to behave with their peers and adults. In contrast, parents can teach all the good manners ranging from eating, respecting family members and others, etc.

Question 6 what modern techniques should teachers adopt to make the teaching more fun and intuitive, especially for children?

Answer – Umm.. the most realistic technique that I can think of is involving the children, especially younger children, in the activities while teaching, which makes the whole process amusing. It even helps to grab the child’s attention. For example, they can remember it well if they are asked to pretend like a cat while teaching animals.

Question 7 How has education changed in your country in the last 10 years?

Answer – Over the last decade, it has been excessively modified in terms of teaching styles, number of subjects, more facilities in schools and colleges such as libraries, laboratories, etc. These have made both teachers and students lives easier.

Question 8 What changes do you foresee in the next 50 years?

Answer – Well… I’m sure the technology will continue to grow.. so I think we would have more automated machines such as robots who can cook for us, all the cars currently running with fuel would be replaced by electric cars or maybe flying vehicles. The list goes on.. which would ultimately make our lives much simpler and easier.

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