Discuss When, if Ever Capital Punishment Can Be Viewed as A Valid Punishment for A Crime (2)

Discuss When, if Ever Capital Punishment Can Be Viewed as A Valid Punishment for A Crime

Discuss when, if ever capital punishment can be viewed as a valid punishment for a crime. Give reasons for your answer and use specific examples to support your answer.

From stealing one rupee to murdering a person is seen as a crime. In most serious crimes, death punishment is seen as the most suitable judgement for the criminal. They are various viewers concerning capital punishment. In this essay, both sides will be discussed.

There are some high profile cases in which the death sentence is given to the culprit by the police or government to suppress the people’s voice or for various other reasons. For instance, there was a case in Pune a few years ago where a child was found dead in a mysterious condition on a school terrace. The parents got to know about this case, and there was a huge protest by the public for justice and the safety of children. The police and local authorities were very pressurised by the government, and they punished the guard, and capital punishment was given to him only five days after the incident. The whole investigation was not completed, and justification was made by the government in a hurry. After a few months, a few witnesses from school came, and the real criminal was found to be a teacher. This shows that a wise person was killed because of capital punishment.

On the other hand, many citizens support capital punishment to maintain peace and order in society. For example, cases of national importance like the Mumbai bomb blast in 2008 are seen. The culprit A. Kasab was given a death sentence by the Supreme Court of India in a few years. There was strong evidence about him, and it was a case of national importance, and capital punishment given to him was completely justified. Around 200+ families lost loved ones in the Mumbai attack. As a consequence, all people firmly believed in hanging the culprit.

In conclusion, I completely agree that the death penalty is one of the most important punishments, and it must be implemented in cases like terrorism and other serious crimes. It is important since, in recent years, crimes have been increasing in a vivid manner, and it is important to give a clear message to people to think a hundred times before committing any crime. On a serious note, the judiciary should deliberately examine and find who is the real committer.

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