Describe Your Favourite Social Media Site. Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe your favourite social media site.

  • What is your favourite social media site?
  • What do you use it for?
  • How long have you been using the social media site?

Sample Answer of Describe Your Favourite Social Media Site

Three years ago, I was a fan of Facebook, but due to rampant hate posts and inconvenient discussions in the media, I decided to permanently delete my Facebook account. In fact, I did what I was thinking. Since then, I have never used Facebook. However, among the various social media sites, I found telegram is useful, and I am using it now better than other social networking applications. However, I am not a person who is online 24/7. The reason why I choose telegram over others is that in telegram, I am part of a group from school, by which we share books and assignments. And also, it is a communication group, which means important decisions are announced on it, for example, exam date, class schedule, and so on. Similarly, I use it to meet with friends and catch up. The other reason why I am interested in telegram is that I can get updated news, vacancies, movies, jokes and so on. So, it makes my life easy in some way. It has been two years since I started to use telegram in a better way.

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