Describe Something that You Have Shared with Others (or Another Person)

Describe Something that You Have Shared with Others (or Another Person)

Describe something that you have shared with others (or another person)

You should say:

  • What you shared?
  • Who you shared it with?
  • Why you shared it?
  • And explain how you felt about sharing it?

Sample Answer of Describe something that you have shared with others (or another person)

I always believe in helping others, and if someone needs something and we have, then we have to aid them. Today I would like to talk about the time when I shared a bike with my co-worker. It was likely 1 and half years ago, and I am an employee of our city’s famous application developer organizations. There I develop android and iOS Mobile software and websites as well. I have a good relationship with my manager and employees. One day keyur, who is my friend, and we have in the same department In company, testing department. I know him very well after spending precious time with him. He is a kind-hearted person. One day after lunch in the noon, he got a phone call, and after cutting it, he was on emergency, and I’d clearly seen sweet on his head.

I asked what ‘s the matter, he replied its hot potato, my son has a fever and its over 100*c thus I have to go as soon as possible although he hasn’t bike or car, and I also know that it was no joke he is a man with own words. Suddenly without wasting any second, I gave them my bike keys for his emergency. He refused twice but was then taken and went home; I also went with them and went to the hospital after taking his son. I was ecstatic after sharing the bike with him and also wondering about his child health. Hopefully, he got a speedy recovery. He also thanks me.

Follow-Ups Describe something that you have shared with others (or another person)

Question 1 Why do people like to share things with others?

Answer – Sharing things with others is a personal preference. However, some people believe in sharing while some do for status and make a name in the community after regularly doing. School and parents also teach their children to share. Like, share food with others pupils in school, toys with other children.

Question 2 Is it good to share your personal things with others?

Answer – Why not? I believe that if we share something with others, sometimes it makes others day, and they remember it forever. We also get bless and ecstatic. For instance, in my office, whenever someone needs a bike, then I share it with them.

Question 3 Have you ever shared your personal details with your friends?

Answer – Without any doubt, yes, I take care of my friends and consider them as he or she is my family member. A host of times, I’d shared my own private details with them.

Question 4 Can we share our mobile with others?? Why or why not?

Answer – I think no, in our phone we have much stuff that is private and some are business wisdom hence, we do need some private space. Otherwise, it has a chance that it forges predicament.

Question 5 How parents can teach sharing to their children?

Answer – As I said earlier, parents and teachers play a significant role in the development of children. Parents teach socially to children. Parents can tell children to share pros and share things with other children such as toys and eatable stuff with neighbours children.

Question 6 Do young ones like to share their personal things in your area?

Answer – I don’t think our colony youth like to share things with others. However, I also believe that that do it with close or best friends but not to others.

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