Describe An Item That You Receive Without Any Payment (1)

Describe An Item That You Receive Without Any Payment

Describe an item that you receive without any payment

  • What do you receive?
  • When did you receive it?
  • How Do You Feel after getting it?

Sample Answer of Describe an Item that You Receive without Any Payment

Well, people felt glad when they receive items for free. Here I’m going to describe a time when I got an item for free. It happened exactly a couple of years ago at a restaurant during their one anniversary. At that time, they conduct a lucky coupon programme for their customer. Luckily I’m here with my family members, and I even participated in it. Actually, it was a fish out of water moment for me because there were almost 50 customers are there. At the time of the result announcement, I was over pins and needles. They offer a free voucher of ₹2500 for the winners at their restaurant. Since I’m a foodie, I consider it worthwhile since I visit that restaurant every now and then. Even though luck plays an important role, I prayed to God for getting that voucher. Somehow I’m the lucky winner of that day, and I’m over the moon after the result announcement. So I can able to purchase food nearly five times without paying money by using that gift voucher.

Part 3 Questions Describe an Item that You Receive without Any Payment

Question 1:- What do you think young people spend most of their money on?

Answer – young people spend most of their money on gadgets, clothes and accessories.

Question 2:- Do you think it is important to save money? Why?

Answer – of course, it is important to save money. The covid pandemic is a case in point. Some people suffer a lot from the insufficiency of money.

Question 3:- Do people buy things that they don’t need?

Answer – obviously, sometimes. I think people buy things that they don’t need, like an electric driller it is only used once.

Question 4:- Did you tell anyone after buying anything?

Answer – it happened exactly a half month ago when I bought a wireless headset from amazon because it is really worthwhile and budget-friendly.

Question 5:- What are your thoughts about the trend that people buy new things instead of repairing old ones?

Answer – repairing older things is more budget-friendly than buying a new one. So we must consider the quality and warranty of a product while purchasing.

Question 6:- What is the product which is consumed most in your country? Why?

Answer – I think clothes and accessories consumed the most. Youngsters are very fond of electrical gadgets too.

Question 7:- Is increasing consumerism a good trend?

Answer – yes, it increases the economy of the nation.

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