Describe an Art Exhibition That You Visited

Describe an Art Exhibition That You Visited

Describe an art exhibition that you visited. You should say

When did you see this exhibition?
Where the exhibition was held?
What was on display?
Explain your impression of the exhibition.

Well, recently I visited an art exhibition in Chandigarh. It was held on 15th March and I was invited by one of my friends who was also taking part in the exhibition. She really painted beautiful sceneries, pictures of animals. She has an old hand in it. So I was equally elated and excited to visit it.

As I visited there, I was taken aback to see wonderful artworks by different painters. There were a collection of paintings. Some were related to Mediaeval culture while others were a replica of the masterpiece Monalisa. I was speechless that how great their imagination, who made these paintings.

It seemed to me that these were alive. These paintings were flawless. Really it filled in me an aesthetic sense and I felt cool and compose there. I could not believe how I spent four hours there. The interesting thing was not all and sundry were invited, but it was only for the first 70 people and I was fortunate enough to get a pass to see the outstanding work. So that was an art exhibition which really made my day and it taught me to live a blissful life.

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Part 3 Follow-Ups Describe an Art Exhibition That You Visited

Question 1:- How could art exhibitions attract more visitors?

These attract more visitors by bringing variety in artwork like arranging wonderful artworks by renowned authors or painters. The icing on the cake is a place where these are arranged. So people find happiness there.

Question 2:- Are art exhibitions popular in your country?

Yes, these are eminent. In metropolitan cities, people prefer to attend these as they are great lover of artwork. Moreover, it is a good source to kill time and getting peace of mind.

Question 3:- Do you think people should have to pay to visit art exhibitions?

To be honest, of course, they must. As these are great works of prominent personalities and it costs an arm and a leg to arrange these. So a small amount can motivate the organisers to arrange these and people value only when they will pay.

Question 4:- How will art exhibitions change in the future?

In the future, these will be shown on the screen more. Due to changing scenario or unforeseen circumstances, it will be difficult for people to go in person so their first preference is to see it through electronic gadgets on the internet but I think they will not get the first and experience as they get by visiting personally.

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