Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People You should say

What is it?
How did you learn it?
How can you teach others this skill?
And, How do you feel about this skill?

There are several skills that comprise the one that we acquire through formal and informal means of education. There is another set of skills that are naturally acquired as a gift.

However, I would like to talk about a part of visual art as a skill that I possess naturally as a gift. Drawing objects has been part of me since my primary school days. I could not say exactly what really encouraged me to do that, but all I realized was that I used to set objects while I positioned myself with my pencil and drawing papers.

As a matter of fact, I have become more perfect when I go to secondary school. It was this natural gift that triggered me to joined a fine art class, where I later learned better about drawing. I eventually became the best student in my class to the extent that I represented my school in a State Government competition where I made the first position.

I would probably like to impart others or the younger ones in a private area because of maximum attention. Fine artworks require concentration without an iota of disturbance. So it is better learnt in a secluded area.

Anytime I take a flashback on how I started and where I am now with this special skill, I feel fulfilled and grateful to God because of what I have achieved through it. For example, I have made a lot of money through it, and I have been able to train some people on how to draw.

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Question 1:- Should Teachers Be Funny When They Teach Students?

There are many ways of teaching for the students to be able to assimilate or embrace the learning better. On that note, do I want to agree that tutors should be funny whenever they teach, but there must be modesty in this because some students may want to take the advantage to be less serious.

Question 2:- What Qualities Should an Ideal Teacher Have?

There are many expected attributes from a sound teacher; one of them is the ability to discern the learning speed of their teachers. This is very important for a teacher because there are some that are slow learners while some are fast learners. Another quality is smartness in dressing, and a good teacher must know how to dress smart and with modesty before the learners because teachers are expected to be role models for their students. In addition to that is equal love for the students. Tutors are not to be partial when it comes to their attitude towards the students. Else, they will develop a different attitude towards such teachers.

Question 3:- Do You Think Are Most Important Academic Skills or Practical Skills?

I would have loved you to rephrase this question, sir/ma, but by no means at the moment. However, I will try to look into it from the angle of comparing academic skills with the practical sill. Practical skill is the best way to acquire skill because of the chance to learn better with practical tools in the field, unlike the acquisition of skill through theoretical means without direct involvement in the works.

Question 4:- What Is The Best Age For You To Start Learning Something?

Growing up in life is of different ages, just like how to learn something too which is of different age. Although, learn in life is a continuous process, however, learning at a very tender age is the best. In fact, a theory says that all that a man needs to learn in life is between age one and age five. It is claimed that every other thing that man learns after that five years is just development to what they have learnt between age one and age five. On this note, I agree that the best age to learn something new in line with the process of life is between ages one and age five.

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