Describe a situation when you had to be friendly with someone you dislike (6) (1)

Describe a Situation when You Had to Be Friendly with Someone You Dislike

Describe a situation when you had to be friendly with someone you dislike

  • What the situation was,
  • Who this person was,
  • When it was,
  • Why you had to be friendly

Sample Answer of Describe a Situation when You Had to Be Friendly with Someone You Dislike

Well, I am friendly behavior to most of the people around me. But, I don’t like Those people who have rude nature. Today, here I would like to talk about a time when I was friendly with whom I didn’t like. It was a time when I was in my 10th standard. There was a science project for my final exam, and my teacher divided 4 to 5 students into a small group, and when I listened, Aman was by my bad luck in the group I was very upset. But, this was a teacher’s discussion, so I did not do anything.

I don’t like her because of his arrogant behavior and rude nature. she belongs to a rich family, and she always shows their richness in front of other classmates that’s why I don’t like her, but because I know this project is a very important for my final exam so, I decide to corporate with her and complete my project. Because I don’t have any other option. Firstly I felt very hesitant to speak directly with Aman, but after few days, I felt comfortable talking with her, and during the project, she behaved rudely sometimes, but I tolerated it because this project is very crucial for good marks.

However, I like one thing about her she is very intelligent in science, and she has good knowledge about that project, and she solved the problem in less time, and we completed our project together. Honestly speaking, that was a very difficult time for me. Overall, that was a time when I was friendly with those who I did not like.

Follow-ups Describe a Situation when You Had to Be Friendly with Someone You Dislike.

Question 1:- Why are people friendly with the person they don’t like?

Answer – Actually it totally depends on the situation people are friendly with those who they don’t like because we don’t know when we need anyone and if anyone has a particular problem so, in these situations they are friendly with those whom they don’t like.

Question 2:- What kind of people are usually friendly?

Answer – Mostly those people are friends who have patient, good understanding level and good communication skill they have friendly behaviour.

Question 3:- What do you think about people who are always straightforward?

Answer – I like those people who always state forward because they tell everything on face your weakness your plus points, so this type of people is good if we know because they tell you about yourself in the right way that’s why I like those kinds of masses.

Question 4:- What are the differences between being friendly and polite?

Answer – There are no big differences if someone is friendly and polite because both are almost similar if someone is friendly with you they tell something to you very comfortably if one if someone is plied then they tell you anything with sensibility.

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