Describe a Long Walk You Ever Had Recent Speaking Test

Describe a Long Walk You Ever Had: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a long walk you ever had

  • When does this happen?
  • Where do you walk?
  • Who you were with?
  • And explain how you felt about this walk?

Sample Answer of Describe a Long Walk You Ever Had: Recent Speaking Test

I never worked so much, but I regularly walk to become a fit person. Here I am talking about a walk with my father. When the country was shut down due to the lockdown of the corona, at that time, my father and me immediately e rest to the nearby park for a walk. There were a number of other people while walking time I, and my father and some other people discussed their work during the lockdown. And there is one lady that discusses with me their experience with cooking. They ask me if they learn cooking from videos on YouTube. And one other friend also discusses bodyweight. They have a lot of weight they are also starting the journey to lose their weight with us. At the same time, walking with never realised that we had spent three years together. That three hours always remain in my memories. And while when we returned from the walk, we shared the whole experience with my family member, and this long walk helped me come out of stress buster life.

Follow-ups of Describe a Long Walk You Ever Had: Recent Speaking Test

Question 1:- What outdoor activities do people like?

Answer- People have many activities to do, firstly e is going trip. All age groups go on trips with their family members. And secondly, they have some adventure sports like rock climbing, bungee jumping, paragliding and many more to do on the trip.

Question 2:- What are the differences between the outdoor activities children did in the past and now?

Answer- There is a wide difference between past and present days. In the past, the outdoor activities, children played like a hide and sought and running in the park. But these days they play hockey, cricket, football, tennis basketball.

Question 3:- Do women have more leisure than men?

Answer- In the past, women used complete take care of their household chores. They had no more leisure time than men. But in this contemporary era, women do any work rubbing their shoulders with their men.

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