Describe a Lesson that You Remember Well Speaking Cue Card (1)

Describe a Lesson that You Remember Well Speaking Cue Card

Describe a lesson that you remember well; You should say

  • When was it?
  • Where was it?
  • What do you do?
  • What does your teacher do?
  • Why was It special?

Sample Answer of Describe a Lesson that You Remember Well Speaking Cue Card

I would like to talk about last year that I enrolled in a course for survival in the wild, and it was held in the north of Iran in beautiful jungles and dense forests. We walked into the woods for two days, and our instructor was quite well educated and kind of super experienced. He told us about life and many other aspects of it like the real meaning for success, so he said it’s not accomplishing goals, but it’s how much we extend in the process, and he said that’s rushing toward your goals is nothing but rushing toward death so live the moments. The thing that made this trip special was that apart from learning points for surviving in the wild, we got kinda familiar with being aware of the value of our lives and moments and the true meaning of happiness.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Lesson that You Remember Well Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- What can people do to help themselves remember information for their everyday needs?

Answer – Well, there are many things that people can do to remember what they need daily, for instance, making a list or setting a reminder.

Question 2:- What do you think of people using calendars to remind themselves of things?

Answer – I think that it’s a very smart idea to use calendars. I think this is a great way to get to the things that we want to do and never miss them, and also it’s a good way to stay aware of their plans.

Question 3:- What kind of things do people forget easily?

Answer – Well, people are not very good with numbers and dates and times and I generally they’re not very sharp when it comes to details so when it comes to that parts people’s minds will go blank, and they will definitely need some reminder or something that tells them what and when exactly to do things.

Question 4:- How can people improve their memory?

Answer – The measures that can be done to tackle all of Alzheimer’s or other problems relating to bad memory things easily, for instance, learning a new language or using some kind of visuals or graphics because many people are visual learners so can they remember and learn things ways easier by signs and pictures.

Question 5:- What do sometimes people forget things they don’t want to do?

Answer – Well, as far as I know, They may intentionally forget things that they don’t want to be a part of, like a celebration, date of a party or anniversary for something, for example, someone’s birthday or something like that.

Question 6:- Which do you think is more important to remember about, a business meeting or a meeting with a friend?

Answer – Well, first of all, it depends on the intimacy between you and your friend and how significant they are to you so if you’re very close then you can not miss it. As for a business meeting, I should say it’s very important because your future depends on your meetings and being punctual.

Question 7:- Why is it difficult for some people to remember things?

Answer – Recalling things people sometimes is kind of challenging, and bad memory would sometimes just put them in trouble. One reason is that these days people are dependent on electronic gadgets and do not use their own memory and their brain tissues for memorizing phone numbers for dates, so they are ways vulnerable to being forgetful.

Question 8:- What kind of people is more forgetful?

Answer – Well, people who are always in a rush people who just want to accomplish their goals and finish the present moment, Those who are impatient would be more forgetful in my point of view.

Question 9:- In what situations is it important to remember information very well?

Answer – Well, there are crucial moments when you need to remember things right away without hesitation or without being unclear. For example name of your students or the date of your significant other’s birthday or the phone number of your spouse or your partner, they’re not the thing that you can forget you need to be very good with this information.

Question 10:- Which is better for keeping childhood memories, photos or videos?

Answer – I can’t say photos are better than videos or vice versa because they’re both good, but I prefer videos because you can feel the moments that you were and you can hear the sounds, see your emotions you and people hear their laughter everything is more specific, but in a picture, people are in a pause.

Question 11:- Can people rely on their memory when recalling events from the past?

Answer – In some cases, people can easily just refer to their own memory to remember the past like their birthday whilst in other cases they need something to help them link back to the specific time, for example, their diaries and albums might be if great help.

Question 12:- Do you think keeping a diary can lead to creating false memories?

Answer – Well, I’m not sure what you mean by “creating false memories”. When people write their memories, they just transfer the truth into their diaries how they can write incorrect information about the past.

Question 13:- Why do people remember very little about things that happened to them in early childhood?

Answer – One very important reason is that our brain automatically turns off many networks that our brain have developed from childhood to give us more space to make new networks and new mapping on our brain, as far as I know. The other reason is that maybe one specific memory is so distant, and we have no clue to link back to that.

Question 14:- What childhood memories do people usually have?

Answer – In general, people tend to remember their very first experiences of their early life easily, for example, the first time they bought something alone, the first time they rode their own bicycle, the first days of their school and the first intimate relationship with their partner they can never forget things like that because they were kind of unfamiliar, unknown situation that they dealt with.

Question 15:- Do you think technology helps people remember past events?

Answer – Lots of electronic gadgets and new technology developments can assist people with remembering history. For example, on Instagram, when we scroll down on our page, we will see many pictures from the very first day that we had; for example, the app can help us remember many days we would easily forget.

Question 16:- What memories are most important for people?

Answer – Memories of our first impression or first experience or new situations that they were in are more important to folks for remembering.

Question 17:- Is it possible that technology will replace human memory?

Answer – Well, throughout all the decade technology have been developing and introducing things, and we could never imagine that they would exist and we’ve been surprising us up to now, and it can continue like this yeah why not there isn’t anything that human cannot access I think one day their researchers and chairmen of universities and scientists will be able to replace human brains with gadgets and to cutting edge technologies.

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