Describe a cafe that you like to visit (5) (1)

Describe a Cafe that You like to Visit

Describe a cafe that you like to visit

  • What Cafe it is,
  • Where it is,
  • How often do you go there,
  • Why do you like to visit the Cafe

Sample Answer of Describe a Cafe that You like to Visit

Will in my life span I have visited many cafes around in Himachal Pradesh, and they are many beautiful everywhere, but the fascinating Cafe which I found snd would love to visit is the Himalayan Cafe in Bir Billing which is the place for high second-highest site in the world for paragliding, and it often encounter a lot of visitors from all around the world as it is the most famous site for paragliding and many World Cups are organized at that place.

It is very commonplace for localities to hang out as well so this is the reason why I would like to visit again and whenever I got my free time, or I am having some week of or during weekends especially during the Saturday and Sundays I often go there as it is very close to my hometown and it is near the proximity of my home I believe it is around 120 km from my home, so it is very easy for me to travel once and forth at that place.

So, I am fine to go there and go and eat some special cuisines from the restaurant as it offers a variety of cuisines starting from Chinese to Indian as well as to Thai food, but the reason why I would like to visit the Cafe is the Hamburg they provide I am in I have eaten many at many places in the country, but I haven’t found any hamburger taste like this so this is the only reason why I would like to visit the Cafe and is also I love to do paragliding is the is another reason which attracts me to the Cafe, and it also provides Homestay as well so which makes it convenient for us to stay and pass our quality time so these are the reasons

Follow-ups Describe a Cafe that You like to Visit.

Question 1:- What kind of people would like to go to a cafe?

Answer – Well it isn’t something that I have thought about before, but I believe the people who are fascinating and having special talents and working on learning about new things and going to new places these are the people who often visit with Mr. Cafe as I have seen many of my friends who are in the music industry or playing and singing are the ones who often go to music because their free time and please they are free spirits and which allows them to visit cafes anytime so also the person who is not in the regular profession or in government job they are often seen others kind of cafes

Question 2:- Why do young people like studying in a cafe instead of at home?

Answer – It is a trend nowadays as people are finding peace at the cafes and many of the cafes now trying to give the Outlook as an ancient Cafe which involves peace and give peace to the mind as well as bring prosperity so many students and the teenagers are attracted towards this kind of things and which is I believe not true for 100% as in Cafe we can eat and they’ll be many sounds disturbing you while studying so I don’t think it will be a great place for study

Question 3:- Do older people like to drink coffee?

Answer – That’s an interesting one. I believe the people who are older in age 10 to keep themselves warm and keep themselves caffeinated, so that is the reason I believe they often go out and drink coffee or tea because it keeps them energized, and back in their younger times, they were not many cold drinks and like shakes which are available nowadays so they often have a habit of drinking coffee and tea as well.

Question 4:- Do Indian people like to drink coffee?

Answer – nowadays most of the Indians are found to tea because it is a very ancient recipe that is going and passing through generations and generations and there are many shops by the name of chai wala and tea for life stalls and a lot more, and it is a kind of national drink of country in viewpoints of youngsters so many are attracted towards tea though I believe the many drink coffee as well

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