Convenience Foods Will Become Increasingly Prevalent and Eventually Replace Traditional Foods

Convenience Foods Will Become Increasingly Prevalent

Convenience foods will become increasingly prevalent and eventually replace traditional foods and methods of preparation. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Junk foods and their recipes have been constantly on the sharp rise these days, which is generally considered to be detrimental to our health. While few argue that drawbacks are intensive of these foods, I strongly opine that such foods support us to utilize our precious time on other crucial activities in our life to manage work-life balance effectively.

To commence with, the key benefit offered by fast foods is the widespread availability, ready access, and convenience. Fast foods nowadays are increasingly becoming popular and available almost everywhere. My children, for instance, are always attracted to ready-made foods and typically consume them on most weekends. We have numerous local food joints and chain stores of global brands in our neighbourhood. Besides its ubiquitous nature, consuming ready-to-eat meals can spare you extra time, which can be used for past times or with family. In recent times, the working population tend to spend most of their time doing their office work and less on food preparation to be continuously employed in high paying jobs. However, such foods are often perilous to health if consumed heavily and regularly.

On the other hand, traditional foods are cost-effective and thus helps to strengthen the financial position. Most older adults, homemakers or rural populations are still passionate about conventional methods of cooking. Generally, they prefer to buy raw materials and cooking facilities and cook for themselves at home. My parents-in-law, who live in a remote village, always cook food at home as it is much authentic in nature and taste and nutritious as well. Moreover, such foods and their preparations help people to live healthier. Nonetheless, people need to devote their time towards such cooking as it is often time-intensive and required long hours.

To conclude, with the rise in urbanization and growing working professionals, it is imperative that people spare more time on their prioritized duties over food preparation at home as fast foods are always readily accessible and saves a lot of time, though sometimes at our cost health.

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