Because Many Children Are Not Able to Learn Foreign Languages (3) (1)

Because Many Children Are Not Able to Learn Foreign Languages

Because many children are not able to learn foreign languages, schools should not force them to learn foreign languages. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people believe that if children are not able to learn languages other than their native language, they should not be forced. In my opinion, children should never be forced to do any task, but we should encourage and inspire them by explaining the benefits of learning a foreign language so that they improve the quality and standard of their life, of their family and the society in which they live. Learning foreign languages gives exposure to other cultures and societies, which help them in respecting and appreciating diversity.

Critics argue that children find it difficult to learn foreign languages as they are unable to understand the nuances of the languages as pronunciation and accent differs from their native languages. Forcing them to learn a foreign language may put them under unnecessary mental pressure, which may not be suitable at a young age.

However, much research has found children can learn up to five languages in the early years of their life. Their brain has the capability to absorb faster as compared to adults. Learning widely spoken foreign languages like English, French and Spanish can help them get exposure to other cultures and traditions. In turn, they can respect and appreciate cultures that are different from their own. In addition, when they grow up, they can travel to any part of the world and study at an international university and get employment opportunities in other countries. Monetary gains can help them improve the quality of their lives.

In conclusion, children should not be forced rather encouraged to learn foreign languages, since it is scientifically proven they have the capabilities to do so. Learning International languages can contribute towards improving their quality of life when they grow up and also give them exposure to other cultures and traditions.

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