Young People Who Commit Crimes Should Be Punished in The Same Way as Adults Writing Task 2

Young People Who Commit Crimes Should Be Punished in The Same Way as Adults: Writing Task 2

Young people who commit crimes should be punished in the same way as adults. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Crime rates are increasing day by day, and young people are also involved in crime. The punishment which is given to criminals is different for young people and adults, while some believe that punishment should be the same for both. I believe that young people are immature, and they should be given a chance to change. In this following essay, I will discuss my views on why young people should not be punished as adults.

Increasing crime is cause for concern. The greed for money without working hard, they want to have a lifestyle shown on TV, easy availability of porn videos and drugs are the main causes why young people also commit crimes. Young people are innocent and immature. Sometimes they can not decide between what is right and wrong. For example, In the excitement of trying something new, they start to drink alcohol, and they commit a crime under the influence of that, such as rape or drinking and driving.

In the case of love triangles, young people sometimes behave so immaturely that they try to damage the person they love, but they do this because they do not have anyone to guide them at the right time. I believe that punishing young people in the same way as we punish adults is a bit unfair. Younger ones deserve one chance to change themselves and become better people in future. They must be sent to a rehabilitation centre, and proper guidance should be given to them so that they can decide what is right or wrong. On the other hand, I also believe that younger people who commit a crime such as rape or murder should not be sent back so easily from the rehabilitation centre until police are sure that they are changed and will not commit crimes again.

To conclude, punishment for any crime is necessary but giving a chance to change to youth is also important as they are the future of any country. So punishing young ones the same way as adults is not a good idea according to me.

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