You Have Organized a 90th Birthday Party for Your Relative

You Have Organized a 90th Birthday Party for Your Relative

You have organized a 90th birthday party for your relative and invited elderly guests. It was a successful party. Write a letter to the hotel manager, to provide feedback: In your letter, you should tell:

When the party took place
Why it was successful
Thank you, a staff member who was really helpful.

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to express my gratitude to your staff and the services offered at my grandfather’s 90th birthday party organized at your hotel this past weekend.

We have held a party last Sunday, the 24th of this month, so that most of our elderly guests can join us.

I have noticed excellent arrangements throughout the property. A ramp was arranged and installed at the entrance for guests who need require wheelchairs, which was not a part of our agreement. Furthermore, extra care has been taken in food preparations as many of them are suffering from geriatric diseases. To my surprise, the elevator was operational, which was most convenient for many guests to get into the premises. Last but not least was your staff who was active and eagerly supporting old-aged people all the time.

My family and I are extremely satisfied with your services through the occasion, and it was truly an amazing experience. As I mentioned, I like to convey our heartfelt praise to your staff for their unbelievable services. Thanks for all the help, again!

Yours faithfully,

Jignesh Chauhan

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