Some Think that Ambition Is Good Quality. Is It Important to Be Ambitious Writing Task 2

Some Think that Ambition Is Good Quality. Is It Important to Be Ambitious?: Writing Task 2

Some think that ambition is good quality. Is it important to be ambitious? Is it a positive or negative characteristic?

In the contemporary era, most people are doing great hard work to obtain achievements in their life. It is often believed that this trend induced the phenomenon that plenty of individuals would understand not only the value of time but also learn many skills which may be beneficial for a better future. Moreover, it is a positive development of the human mind as they become responsible due to their ambitious nature.

To explain it, firstly, ambition could be an effective way to develop the human mind. For instance, a person is irresponsible towards their future. However, if such a person would take an ambition in life, then it would definitely change their living conditions, becoming responsible for their duties.

Secondly, if the people could follow the way of their ambitions, then they would learn many skills which would be essential for a better future, such as time management, problem-solving and decision making. These skills convert the normal person to gentleness. Finally, this way helps to achieve greater success in life. Furthermore, it would change the way of thinking.

Overall, it is observed that the ambitions would make the people ambitious. It is also recommended by some successful persons that if someone wants to change their circumstances, then what they should do is adopt the ambitious quality in their nature.

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