Some People Today Believe that The World’s Increase in Population Is Unsustainable (2) (1)

Some People Today Believe that The World’s Increase in Population Is Unsustainable

Some people today believe that the world’s increase in population is unsustainable and will eventually lead to a global crisis. Other people believe that the world population increase is necessary and beneficial as it creates the growth of the world’s economy and society. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Be it “theory of evolution” or “the man is descended from the Jannah”, the world population has been consistently increasing from every 1st day. Some peoples are afraid of its sustainability and expect global crises because of the growth. On the other hand, the population increase is fascinating to many peoples, as it draws economic expansion. Hereunder, both views are discussed in detail.

Population growth eventually increases the demand for resources. More peoples require a larger number of facilities and urban constructions. This cause the expansion of the urban areas lead to invading more natural lands like forests and jeopardising the ecosystem. Urban development has endangered many species in the woods. An alarming number of animals are already nonexistent, whereas many others are scarcely surviving, like white tigers. The fewer forests, increasing greenhouse gases, consistent reducing the glaciers areas are the results of population increase. Continuing, in the same manner, may take the earth to a situation of unlivable.

However, some peoples oppose to above facts based on some larger economies of the world that are a larger populace too. However, comparing India and China, inhabiting around 40% of the world population, they are also marked as attractive financial markets in the world. Availability of labour, lower wages and fewer production rates have Enormously increased the economy of these countries.

However, air pollution and living resources deficit are significant challenges for these countries. The quality of life and poverty level enforce the peoples to work at wages remarkably lower than any European country.

Conclusively, in my opinion, population increase may elevate the economy in terms of demand increase. Still, eventually, the world remains in great suffering due to contemporary issues raised along with the population.

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