Some People Think that Young People Can Learn Useful Skills by Playing Electronic and Computer Games

Some People Think that Young People Can Learn Useful Skills

Some people think that young people can learn useful skills by playing electronic and computer games. Others argue that people who play electronic and computer games are wasting their time. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Engaging in electronic and computer games by the youths is accepted to be a way of acquiring important skills as claimed by some people whereas, some said that it just amounts to wasting of time. In this essay, I shall be talking from both sides however, I am of opinion that it is more time-wasting than gaining any useful skill.

In the first place, technology has done a lot of good to mankind than evil. One of the inventions of science is computer games through which both young and olds engage themselves. One of the good things about electronic sports is the art of reasoning well. Through computer games, the young ones develop the attitude of good thinking before taking any action. You must be a good thinker if you are a lover of games on your mobile phones. Such games are; scrabbles, Chess, Ludo etc. All these games require deep thinking before any step. Such a skill is the ability to think fast and take good decisions under pressure.

However, it is more time-wasting when you give much attention to electronic games as claimed by some people. This is so because of the frequent access to these games through mobile phones. Many people don’t use their leisure or free time for any meaningful thing like reading books to acquire important knowledge, participating in physical games such as football, running, basketball and so on.

In conclusion, I am of opinion that engaging in computer games is more of wasting one’s time than learning any relevant skill because there is no room for physical practice. Furthermore, addiction to the playing of such games distracts the young ones from doing other gainful things.

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