Some People Say that Individuals Should Change Jobs During Their Working Life Often (2)

Some People Say that Individuals Should Change Jobs During Their Working Life Often

Some people say that individuals should change jobs during their working life often while others believe that doing the same job has advantages to individuals, companies, and society. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is irrefutable that a job plays an essential role in an individual’s life. The stated argument is based on the discussion between those who say that people have to change their jobs while working life, whereas others opine that having a permanent job has more benefits to peers, firms and the nation. Through the procession of forthcoming paragraphs, I shall discuss the avenues extending from the given topic, reaching a well-reasoned opinion, backed up by suggestions, by the end.

On the one side, regard to those, who agree with the former view, do so because if an individual is doing only one sort of Job, he or she may get a feeling monotonous. To be more precise, they become least ecstatic with their Job, and it will be alienated them from real happiness. Due to this, they do not enjoy their life which may lead to several health problems. In addition to this, while working peeps should give Freedom to choose that Job which gives them satisfaction since people tend to spend a great deal of their time in the workplace as a result if they get happy from their Job, it may enable them to get higher salaries and climb up the career ladder more quickly than those who aren’t happy with their jobs. A survey conducted by Harvard University in Delhi demonstrated that 75% of individuals who frequently changes their Job according to their taste while working becomes more opulent is a perfect epitome of this notion.

On the other side, adherents of the latter view argue that even though having a satisfied Job plays an integral role in our life as it makes us jubilant, however same Job gives us security it will bring many benefits such as pay raise, promotion and also appreciation along with this recognition from co-workers or even the whole society. Furthermore, sometimes a secure job is preferred over a one which has a higher pay package. In other words, individuals get not only a relaxing working environment but also a harmonious relationship with colleagues and perks like bonuses and free travel opportunities, which makes them more happy and satisfied. For instance, according to The Indian government, 90% of individuals become satisfied with their same Job as they get several amenities from them.

In conclusion, it can be clearly seen that although changing jobs makes individuals more satisfied, yet stay in one job offer numerous advantages to inhabitants.

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