Some Believe that People Will Buy a Product Based on Their Needs (4) (1)

Some Believe that People Will Buy a Product Based on Their Needs

Some believe that people will buy a product based on their needs, and there is no need for advertising. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the essay?

It is considered that the masses choose to buy any product is based on their requirements. So they will prefer those which they have a need. Resultantly, adverts are no longer necessary. I completely agree with the notion because people are not spendthrifts and moreover, they are environmentally conscious.

First off, People’s preference to purchase any product is based on their needs. So, they will buy wisely. They understand that a penny saved is a penny earned. So, advertisement serves no purpose. To exemplify, due to economic recession, it is seen that people avoid spending money lavishly. They give preference only to the most wanted things. They do not fall into the trap of advertisements. Moreover, individuals understand that it is a herculean task for them to earn money because nowadays, multitude experience redundancy. Therefore, to save money for their rainy day, do not compel them to buy anything under the influence of advertisements.

Furthermore, people have become environmentally friendly. They got it to save their environment, which is their first priority. So, purchasing unnecessary only enhances their carbon emission. So, if people know what things are useful to buy; then, they will not buy those things that are no longer needed. So, displaying the products with the help of adverts is meaningless work. To exemplify it, currently, people do not live in use and throw society. So, they buy wisely and use any item for the long run. If they feel the need to purchase, they will buy recyclable commodities. So, adverts can mislead them by alluring them to purchase expensive and short-term live more. In addition, it will have a negative impact on their surroundings. So, adverts are disliked by the masses, and they prefer those things they need in their routine.

To conclude, it is ostensible that folk purchase only those items which are indispensable for them. So, adverts are not beneficial for them. They spend money wisely, and the economic downturn has taught them a big lesson to avoid buying nonessential things in order to leader prosperous life.

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