Road Accidents Are More Frequent These Days and Claim Many Lives Each Year (6) (1)

Road Accidents Are More Frequent These Days and Claim Many Lives Each Year

Road accidents are more frequent these days and claim many lives each year. As a result, some people suggest that drivers should take regular driving tests throughout their lives, rather than one single driving test, to improve the situation. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of repeat driving tests? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

According to World Health Organisation, the major public health problem are road accidents, as these crashes kill and injure several people. To prevent these casualties, some people advised that motorists should take multiple driving tests throughout the year. Although there are several drawbacks of conducting driving tests more than once, it still has a multitude of advantages too.

On one side, taking multiple driving tests, the expense on the test will increase, which will affect the expenditure of an individual. Moreover, preparation for a test more than once will be time-consuming. Also, if in case one does not appear test or had an expired license, thus have to suffer repercussions such as vehicle may be seized or their RC may be taken in return have to pay heavy penalty.

On the contrary, multiple driving tests may have a lot of benefits. One of the crucial benefits is that they will be more specialized in driving which results in a number of vehicles collisions that will decrease. Secondly, people will be more particular and abide by the law to follow the traffic rules. Thirdly, due to multiple assessments, drivers will be well informed with new laws of driving and hence, sharpened their skills and overcome unexpected situations while driving. Finally, visual acuity may be one of the reasons related to the collision of the vehicle. They may not be able to see traffic signs. For instance, old people suffer from cataract may not able to see the traffic indication which ultimately results in an accident.

To conclude, though the frequent driving test may occur inconvenience however they should be mandatory for the safety of people. These rules will not stop accidents but instead may reduce the number of accidents rates.

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