Many People Today Do Not Feel Safe Either at Home or When They Are Out. (1)

Many People Today Do Not Feel Safe Either at Home or When They Are Out.

Many people today do not feel safe either at home or when they are out. What are the causes? What are the solutions?

Safety and being secured under our roofs and in society is one significant need of us that seems to be hindered these days. There are several reasons for this catastrophic issue regarding the different aspects of our modern life which will be discussed in the following essay.

To start with, having a normal healthy life is one initial and crucial necessity felt by people that is severely threatened by spreading the COVID 19 viruses around the world; consequently, nobody feels safe and secure neither outside nor inside their homes. We know that this might be the case because this virus is highly infectious that spreads out like a wildfire, and we may get infected by our beloved ones. Therefore no matter where we are, safety is far from us. Apart from staying away from viruses and all suspicious contaminated areas and infected people, combating this situation needs a complement which is sufficient money.

The next rather vital aspect of our lives has enough security that assures us our money in the bank account is safe, and no one can access our financial information. In the era of technology and electronic banking, due to the widespread technology illiteracy among ordinary people, many of them are vulnerable to attackers and hackers. No matter people are inside or outside their homes, folks will not feel safe as long as keeping the intruder outside our doors is not possible while they can access our information anytime and anywhere.

In conclusion, feeling safe and secure seems to be something far from our modern people no matter they are in their shelters or outdoors. All might stem from battling against leaking our banking information and pandemic.

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