Many Adults Nowadays Prefer Spending Their Free Time Playing Computer Games (6) (1)

Many Adults Nowadays Prefer Spending Their Free Time Playing Computer Games

Many adults nowadays prefer spending their free time playing computer games. Why do they do this? Is this a positive or negative development?

Every country around the world has been engulfed by the digital world—a large proportion of adults devoting their spare time to video games. In my opinion, I believe it is a negative development because spending a sufficient healthy time in front of the video games encourages a passivity attitude towards life which indirectly promote a sedentary lifestyle, apart from that some strobing photosynthetic effect on these games could contribute to unstable fragile mental health and behavior. At the same time, video games improve hand-eye coordination and the imaginative power of the brain.

To embark with, adults should be more active and vigorous at their age instead of spending more than desirable time on video games encourages them to become more passive, which leads to unsound health and sedentary lifestyles. Moreover, excessive time on video games disconnects the social connection of their surroundings, and eventually, they sequestrating themselves. Furthermore, the strobing effects and violence in video games cause unhealthy ramifications on the behavior and mental health. For example, adults who are playing more violent games become more aggressive in nature.

Despite the negative aspects, digital games inflate problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Moreover, video games enhance a great control of hand and eye coordination and expand the brain’s imaginative power. Apart from that, increased cognitive and imaginative power shapes them as creative people. For instance, People who spend more time on video games improve their creative side and make them more productive.

In conclusion, I opine that devoting more free time to video games has more negative development than positive. Excessive time allocation could lead to detrimental effects on health and behavior. However, it could awake to an extent our creative side.

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