Increasing the Price of Petrol Is the Only Way to Solve Environmental Problems

Increasing the Price of Petrol Is the Only Way to Solve Environmental

Increasing the price of petrol is the only way to solve environmental problems. Do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that the single approach to settling environmental challenges is the upward adjustment in the price of petrol. However, I am of the opinion that an increase in the price of petrol will bring hardship to the masses, more so, they are two parallel issues that do not relate.

In the first place, petrol is one benefit that cuts across all the masses of the nation by the means of fueling public and private cars. Whereas, the upward reviewing of the fuel price is an attempt to bring hardship to the citizens. For instance, there is already an economic recession in the country which makes the cost of living a bit tougher. Now, if the price of consumption of petrol is increased this will definitely call for additional adversity in the nation because the cost of transportation and living will definitely go up which in turn add to the already aggravated state of things. 

Furthermore, additional price to the selling of petrol compared to environmental problems is like two parallel lines that have nothing to do together. Example of environmental crises is water pollution, climate change, overpopulation to mention but few. All these issues are natural occurrence which can only be addressed with measures according to the plans. For example, water pollution can be handled by making more drainages in society. Also, overpopulation can be regulated by the policy like a reduction in the birth rate.

In conclusion, in my opinion I disagree in totality that an attempt to upwardly adjust the petrol price is an attempt to resolve environmental challenges because it will only cause more suffering to the people and more so, increasing the amount of selling fuel and finding solution to environmental issues are two different things that do not relate.

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