In Some Countries, People Spend Long Hours at Work (2) (1)

In Some Countries, People Spend Long Hours at Work

In some countries, people spend long hours at work. Why does this happen? Is it a positive or negative development?

In current years, within certain nations working longer schedules has become a trend amongst some citizens in particular terrains. In this essay, I will discuss the plus and minuses of staying long at work.

On the one hand, long working shifts are advantageous in that men and women would fancy gaining more income to sustain their domestic requirements as well as improving their personal savings for instance, at my workplace working for eight hours will gain you little pay at the end of the month compared to a twelve-hour shift. Therefore, the majority of the workmates decided to adopt the longer schedule. Additionally, to some people staying long at work aids them to taper off the addictive behaviours like alcohol consumption, especially which is done in their free time and indirectly they would have chop off on their expenditures within a month, and this improves the financial savings.

On the contrary, longer working shifts are dangerous in such a way that it escalates the stress of these people since they rarely get enough time to chill, and this can eventually lead to a mental breakdown or acquire other medical illnesses like fatigue, back ace among others. Furthermore, it can disseminate relationship bonds, for example, marriage brokerage; for instance, my close friend quarrelled with his wife because he was not giving enough time to the family and they felt neglected socially.

As I sum up, workplaces have a different magnitude of stress; a person staying at work will acquire all the stress. Therefore, the demerits of having long working schedules outweigh the merits.

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