Describe a Plan (Not Related to Work or Study) You Have for the Future

Describe a Plan (Not Related to Work or Study) You Have for the Future

Describe a plan (not related to work or study) you have for the future.

You should say:

what plan it is
what you would need to do to achieve it
how long you have had this plan
and explain how difficult it would be to fulfil it.

Travelling fascinates me more than anything else. So, I want to travel in the future. I want to visit other countries of the world and gain first-hand knowledge and experience. I would like to thank you for this wonderful cue card topic.

To meet my desire, I would need some specific things. The most important point about travelling is time. I need to manage enough time to spend out of my country. In fact, people cannot move out of their own states owing to time deficiency. So, I have to manage plenty of time to travel around. Secondly, I would need a sufficient amount of money.

Without a complete budget and arranging the money, it would be insane to move out to see the world around. So, I have to arrange money as well. Travelling with a companion is better and has some positive impacts. Hence, I also may need a companion for me. One needs enough time to handle things, but I do not have the time to invest in solving the issues. Arranging money is another fact. But I will try my best to organize everything even it takes five more years for me.

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Part 3 Follow-Ups Describe a Plan (Not Related to Work or Study) You Have for the Future

Question 1:- Do you think planning is important, or is it a waste of time?

Excessive planning should be avoidable instead of enjoying the present, as well as am thinking long term planning is the key to success.

Question 2:- What kinds of personal plans should people make for themselves?

usually, people make their primary needs to be in the planning like shelter, food, entertainment, protection,

Question 3:- For a person with children, what influence does this have on their personal plans for the future?

For Home Earner lots to do for their families to get a better result. so this planning should effectively help them to achieve a target.

Question 4:- Do you think it is possible to learn how to manage your time?

Yes, I do, for instance, our parents raise us in better planning and fortunately everything is fine.

Question 5:- Why do you think some people don’t plan their day in advance?

Some people don’t plan their day in advance because they don’t have their timetable or bachelor not thinking about anything,,, etc for instance a cancer patient cannot do days in advance.

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