Describe a Person Whose Creative Work You Admire (2) (1)

Describe a Person Whose Creative Work You Admire

Describe a person whose creative work you admire

  • Who this person is,
  • How you know this person,
  • What creative things this person likes to do,
  • Why do you admire this person

Sample Answer of Describe a Person Whose Creative Work You Admire

In the contemporary world, we can see a lot of people with different creative ideas. Today I am talking about my friend her name is Sonu she will do a pencil with her legs. She met with an accident and left her hands, and she started doing all her work with her legs.

She is my classmate from class 1 to 12 and one of my close friend she is a good painter and drawer from her childhood days itself she used to draw my picture as a gift for my birthday. She has many other talents too. She used to participate in dance completion too, but after the accident, she stopped all her activities.

After long years of the journey without hands, she started trying with her legs and started to draw small drawings, but it wasn’t successful, but gradually legs became flexible, and she started her drawing. Now she draws different pictures and sends o them to post. Last week I saw a newspaper article about her with all the paintings and her life journey.

I was totally proud of her as she overcame her weakness and continued her talent without any difficulty. I admire her because their great effort and strong mind make her successful in her life.

Follow-ups of Describe a Person Whose Creative Work You Admire

Question 1:- Do you think you are a creative person?

Answer:- Yes, definitely I am a creative person. I will think of new ideas when I start to do something new for example, when I learn painting, I prepare my face with clothes inside my home. It was my creative idea to use old clothes and make a picture.

Question 2:- Is it good for children to learn arts?

Answer:- Yes, definitely it’s good to learn new skills from childhood because it can help them to learn easy and can start a new business when there are young children can learn easily from a young age and excel in their extra skills.

Question 3:- What kind of jobs requires people to be creative?

Answer:- In my opinion, photographers, cinematography, actors, and designers need good creative ability because their job needs a good creative idea to enhance their business.

Question 4:- Do you think leaders need to have the creative ability?

Answer:- Yes, leaders need good creativity because they need to handle all teams in a manageable manner. It needs logical and creative skills. Leaders have to make new ideas to enhance the business.

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