Describe a Perfect Job You Would Like to Have in the Future (1)

Describe a Perfect Job You Would Like to Have in the Future

Describe a perfect job you would like to have in the future

  • What it is,
  • How you knew it,
  • What it is like,
  • why do you think it is perfect

Sample Answer of Describe a Perfect Job You Would Like to Have in the Future

I loved saloon when I was a kid and was eager to finish primary school so I could become a hairstylist, not until my Dad fell sick with hypoglycemia and rushed to a nearby hospital where he was diagnosed with above ill health. He was admitted by a very sharp, elegant and cutest nurse with a good heart. So I came to understand that caring for humanity is another way of praising God and making way to heaven. So from that faithful moment, I decided to be a nurse without having a double mind concluded to work with zeal to save a life. And I choose my motto,” others first”. The nursing profession is and will continue to be the most helpful profession and second to God because Nurses are with patients 24/7. Now I have fulfilled my dream, and the most aspect of nursing I love with great passion is welcoming humans on planet Earth. Nursing is joyous when practising with passion. I hope to be a companionate nurse for the rest of my life. I think nursing is the perfect job because it nature’s people and creative spirit of empathy, sense of loving humans and knowledge that man is the second God we see.

Follow-ups of Describe a Perfect Job You Would Like to Have in the Future

Question 1. Do you think you want to take up this job?

Answer:- yes, the profession is in me. It is a glorious call to me. Because it gives me happiness any moment, I care and satisfy my mind and also see the individual alive and bubbling. But sometimes, I felt guilty, especially when I didn’t perform enough before the patient gave up on the ghost.

Question 2. Which occupation should be given better pay?

Answer:- for my own perceptive, all. Job need to pay well, but some of them their rate of hazard is increased like health professionals need to be paid higher. For instance, during the time of covid, they were on the front line irrespective of being highly contagious, but they fought the battle. They do not mind their family.

Question 3. Is being rich a good thing?

Answer:- yes, richness is wonderful courageous because it makes life easier. But some demerits is when used to intimidate fellow human. But use in caring for the needy, helping community children accepted.

Question 4. What makes a person choose a job apart from the pay it offers?

Answer:- I believe everything is being passionate about the particular job. Don’t force the individual to do it. Sometimes experience leads to decision making. As I have said earlier how I got to develop a passion for nursing. Some might be a good or bad experience that led them into the particular profession, but the utmost important thing is to do it right.

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