Describe a Live Sports Match That You Have Watched Recent Speaking Test

Describe a Live Sports Match That You Have Watched: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a live sports match that you have watched

  • What it was?
  • When did you watch it?
  • What it was like?
  • how do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Live Sports Match That You Have Watched

I saw live sport only once. It was ten years back, in Addis Ababa stadium. There was a tournament to fundraise for the cost of a football player who was sick at that time. I saw a friendly match between the two face football clubs of the city (Ethiopian coffee and St George football clubs). The vibe was extraordinary. These two Football clubs have large numbers of supporters, and the completion between themselves is on another level. I was very happy to be there, the songs by supporters of each football club were good to hear. The game was also interesting. Overall, I was entertained, and it was a good memory.

Follow-ups of Describe a Live Sports Match That You Have Watched

Question 1:- Do you prefer to watch live sports or watch them on TV?

Answer- I prefer to watch sports on TV at home with friends, discussing the game and listening to commentators. In fact, going to the stadium and attending sports live is somehow tiresome. The reason why I am interested in watching sports on TV is that I can see replays which add a flavour to the game and create a topic for discussion.

Question 2:- Why do some people like to watch live sports?

Answer- However, being in person in tournaments will create the opportunity to meet and see famous athletes. I would appreciate a memory like this. Especially to celebrate meaningful victories, I would love to be with supporters in person.

Question 3:- What kind of sports do Indian people like to watch?

Answer- I think Indian people like football and athletics. I saw in the Tokyo Olympics that India won a medal in discus throwing.

Question 4:- Do you think competition is good for students?

Answer- Competition among students will be important if it is managed appropriately. It can help students to develop a sense of motivation by increasing effort in order to win against their opponents. As a result, the capacity and skill of students can improve. On the other hand, due attention should be given to students not to develop the idea of considering their opponent as an enemy. By illustration, bad ideation and behaviour need to be monitored, and correction measures must be taken. Otherwise, it will loom around and destroy team spirit.

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