Describe a Difficult Challenge that You Completedmet (2) (1)

Describe a Difficult Challenge that You Completed/met

Describe a difficult challenge that you completed/met; You should say:

  • What was the challenge
  • When and where did you complete/meet it
  • Why was it difficult
  • How do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Difficult Challenge that You Completed/met

It was 2011 when I was weighted around 110 kg, and people around me rather facing distance than meeting as they also believed that I was a useless and heavy fellow. However, I was early days of my college where my interest in sports forced me to reduce my fat and get lean.

As I decided to burn my fat at a certain level and I challenged my parents, I wouldn’t be the same guy as you can see me now. So it was a tough time for me though I ran hard and performed a daily diet, which helped me to overcome dogma. It was not happening overnight as I was craving for my goal, but it’s not working in my way for many days though I didn’t give up and stuck to the routine so I could tell someone that I did hard work for something I deserved.

Moreover, it wasn’t a sudden result, but I felt after a few months of dedication, I shrunk to 80kg. I was feeling over the moon and overjoyed, then started to play cricket with my college team as fitness was required and accomplished that task by the end of the first semester, so it was a massive task for me. I still feel those days where I had to eat once a day, and in the evening, I felt like chewing bed sheets. Overall it was a new and challenging experience for me though it was the toughest period so far I ever have had.

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