Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire (2) (1)

Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire

Describe a creative person whose work you admire; You should say

  • Who this person is,
  • How you know this person,
  • What creative things this person likes to do,
  • Why do you admire this person

Sample Answer of Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire

Well, creativity is the act of turning a new and imaginative idea into reality. It is mainly characterized as the ability to perceive the world through a third eye. Here I would like to talk about Mr Walter Elias Disney, also known as Walt Disney, who I admire for his mind-bending creativity. He was an animator and voice actor.

In fact, Mr Walter Disney was popular for the invention of the cartoon character Mickey mouse. I watched his creative cartoon series during childhood. That’s how I came to know about him. As a child, I remember being shocked to learn that Walt Disney was a person. To me, Disney was a mysterious entity, symbolized by the magical castle that appeared at the start of every cartoon.

His creativity is world-renowned! Walt Disney was the most creative and innovative person in the entertainment business in the 20th century. His movies and animations had a huge impact on the family, movie and animation industries. He also created shows for television and opened Disney Land, which was both huge successes.

Moreover, How could we forget Mickey mouse and Donald duck? Both were his stunning creations. I admire him because he made my childhood more blissful and colourful. Moreover, he enjoyed entertaining the public. He didn’t care about being famous; he just wanted to make people laugh. He worked hard to make each cartoon special and brought a touch of magic to his cartoons, which made his creations a global success.

Follow-ups of Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire

Question 1:- Do you think you are a creative person?

Answer:- Well, it’s an interesting question, madam. As a person, I think I am a creative person. In some aspects of my life, I really tried to bring out my creative side into reality, mainly by drawing and writing. I have a blog in which I write down my feelings, and currently, I am learning new dimensions of painting as I incompleted my oil painting, now moving on to another water cause I searching for the right medium for expressing my ideologies and statements. So, by and large, yes, I am a creative person.

Question 2:- Is it good for children to learn arts?

Answer:- Absolutely, yes, I think it’s really essential for children to have something other than academically. Sometimes learned art form can be turned out to be a very successful career. But even if it doesn’t, it can help the child to develop a person as they learn about new things and meet new people who share the same artforms. So learning an art form wouldn’t be a wastage of time for the children. It’s, after all, finding the inner talent and nurturing it.

Question 3:- What kind of jobs requires people to be creative?

Answer:- Well, generally speaking, the professions which require more creative it might be the fashion and film industry—for instance, a movie which is totally a masterpiece example of creation. In a movie, from writing the story, taking each short and appearance of movie characters, everything will fall under the category of creativity. They are actually creating from noting to a cinema.

Question 4:- Do you think leaders need to have creative ability?

Answer:- It seems to leaders, and I should have some essential qualities; one among them is the power of creativity. A creative leader can introduce his innovative ideas to his group members, which is more contagious make them think like him.

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