Boats IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer (2)

Boats IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Boats IELTS Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Boats IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer.

Question 1:- Do you often travel by boat?

No, I don’t often; as I said, I live in a well-connected city by national highways and roads, so I think there is no requirement for this as of now.

Question 2:- Have you ever been on a boat while you were on holiday (on vacation)?

Yes, many times. Recently I went to omkareshwar, which is one of the famous and well-known temples of God shiv. So we traveled by boat to reach the temple through the bridge was an alternative. It was fascinating to ride as they have shown us not only the temple but also the Narmada dam as well as a confluence of three rivers which was not possible to see through the bridge.

Question 3:- Would you like to go on a boat tour? (Why?/Why not?)

Yes, of course. If I would get a chance in the future, I definitely will travel by boat as it is an incredibly extraordinary ride where we can relish the scenic view.

Question 4:- Where in your country do people most often use boats? (or, travel by boat)

I think boats are used everywhere but mostly in my country boats are used for fishing as well as sometimes traveling where it is impossible to reach by road. Even in some parts of the country, such as Kerala, we can enjoy the houseboat, which is equipped with all facilities that we find on land.

Question 5:- Do many people in your country own their own boat?

Yes, they do. In India, most community is largely involved in fishing and transporting goods to they may own a boat and even boats are transformed in which all facilities are available so that you can stay there as the hotel.

Question 6:- Would you like to buy a boat?

I have not thought yet, but if I have got an opportunity in the future, I definitely will. But if that city had a boating facility.

Question 7:- If you had your own boat, what would you do with it?

I would like to make a living accommodation facility on the boat where I would be able to spend peacefully and joyful holidays on it and also enjoy the panoramic view of nature.

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