A Year Ago, You Lent Your Favourite Book to A Friend Who You Thought Would Enjoy It (1)

A Year Ago, You Lent Your Favourite Book to A Friend Who You Thought Would Enjoy It

A year ago, you lent your favourite book to a friend who you thought would enjoy it. Unfortunately, your friend has forgotten to return it. The book has sentimental value to you as it had been presented by your grandmother. Write a letter to your friend. In the letter:

  • ask how he or she is doing
  • remind him/her about the book
  • explain why you need it back

Dear Seema,

How are you and all there? I hope everyone is fine there with good grace. What are you doing these days? First and foremost, it has been a long time, no communication between us.

Well, today, I just reminisced about us and got to know my favourite book was with you. As you know, I am fond of reading books in my avocation. So now I need that book as that publication was gifted to me by my grandmother, and I have emotionally attached it with notebook contents.

Because this book was not only for reading but also inspired and encouraged me in my English learning agility with inspirational and positive thoughts. In addition to this, it consists of a collection of stories it makes me interesting while reading. Moreover, when I was there while reading, I had collected numerous vocabulary which I started using in my throughout day to day activities. Furthermore, with the help of this, I learnt how to make sentence framing.

Lastly, I am requesting you to please send it back with the help of courier service on my below address if incase any queries you can text or email me. Good to hear from you soon. Take care!.


Yours truly,

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