Talk about a Curtain that You like

Talk about a Curtain that You like

Talk about a curtain that you like

  • Which curtain is it?
  • When and where did you see it?
  • What it looks like?
  • Why did you like it so much?

Sample Answer of Talk about a Curtain that You like

Well, I love to have beautiful curtains in my room, especially pink and blue it is now in vogue to have a curtain of this colour. I saw this combination when I visited my friend’s home who is a fashion designer, and she has a beautiful collection of curtains. Still, when I saw her room and I was taken aback to see the dazzling colours of curtains.

It really decorated her room, and I imagined myself in a fairyland. The interesting fact was that it could change its colour as we switched on the light. I was surprised when I got to know that my friend had not switched on the light. It was the glare from the curtains that created intense lightning in the room, so in a nutshell, I can say it saves the people’s electricity, and we really enjoyed candlelight dinner.

I felt immense pleasure to sit in the room, and I would like to have the same colour of curtains in my room.

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