Describe Your Favorite Clothes.

Describe Your Favorite Clothes

Describe your favourite clothes

  • What is it like?
  • Who gave it to you or where you bought it?
  • How often you wear it?
  • Explain how you feel about it or why you enjoy wearing it?

Sample Answer of Describe Your Favorite Clothes

I have many clothes of different types, both native dress and English ones, but I have one that I so much cherish. It is a polo shirt with the logo of Timberland on it. It is a grey colour shirt which I have bought for almost three years. I like to wear it on blue jeans,

I actually purchased it in Lagos, the largest city in my country that was during my sister’s wedding. 

Because of the uniqueness of the Polo Shirt, I only put it on twice a month in order to prevent it from being fade out.

Sometimes when I put on this shirt, I always look smart; it makes me feel free when walking, unlike some of my other clothes. Another reason why I enjoy it is because of how people admire me. Nearly all the time I put on it, my family and friends always asked me to help them to buy something like it.

Follow-Ups Describe Your Favorite Clothes

Question 1.What is the difference between the dressing style of young people and that of older people?

Answer:-Unlike older adults, the youths always want to look neat and smart on every cloth they put on. Therefore, the young ones prefer to look cute than the elderly ones.

Question 2.What kinds of clothes do people wear after work?

Answer:-Many people prefer to put on simple cloth after work so as to be free while carrying out their domestic activities.

Question 3.What kind of clothes should people wear at work?

Answer:-Hmmmmm, it depends on the nature of the job. The kind of cloth that is fit for factory workers is different from the one in the Administrative section. Therefore, the kind of clothes at different works are varied. However, different place of work has different dressing codes.

Question 4.Does personality affect how people choose what to wear?

Answer:-Yes, the choice of clothes is different base on personality. High profile personnel or celebrities will always prefer to buy expensive and glamorous clothes, unlike any other person. For example, the senior politicians in my country don’t wear simple clothes.

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