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Describe a Problem that Affects the Environment in the Area where You Live

Describe a Problem that Affects the Environment in the Area where You Live (2) (1)

Describe a problem that affects the environment in the area where you live;  You should say:

Sample Answer of Describe a Problem that Affects the Environment in the Area where You Live

I am coming from Karjan, a small town in Vadodara city where the developments are on the booming side. First, we had only 10 to 12 big societies before 10 years, and now there are approx 50 to 60 new ones. Due to the increasing trend of this culture, many tresses snatched out in last ten years which is a grave concern in the upcoming year. Trees are an important part of balancing atmosphere of the environment so owing to many cutting of trees in place of development of new houses there was less rain from last two years in our area also many cattle such as cow, dogs, birds are very few options of shelter especially in summer where the temperature goes to 50 to 55 in our town. Many people in our area do not raise this concern to Nagar Palika officers. Still, few are always rise in front and knock serious issues to them. I am one of them, and especially I write a letter to our Mamlatdar on 5th April 2021 regarding this problem. I suggested they plant more trees in our town. I also requested him to educate our town people about this issue as if it is our responsibility to make our town healthy and prosperous. As a result, the government has taken appropriate action in our town and almost planted 1000 new trees across our town, which we are hoping for the good rains for farmers in the upcoming time for their farm.

Follow-ups Describe a Problem that Affects the Environment in the Area where You Live.

Question 1 Tell me, what do you think are the greatest problems your country is facing at present?

Answer – Currently, not only our country but worldwide COVID 19 Virus affected very well and almost more than 20 lakhs people lost their life due to this deadly virus. So many activities like marriages, gyms, cinema, travelling in trains are closed right now as this virus spread from one person to another.

Question 2 Do you think things are likely to get better or worse in the future?

Answer –I believe things will be worse in the upcoming time as researchers already intimated that the third way is supposed to impact on September and May it is possible to come 01 lakh cases every day in India. Thinking of this situation is sometimes afraid of me.

Question 3 And what has been done so far to solve these problems?

Answer – First, governments made strict lockdown to break the chain of this virus for almost 4 to 5 months then after they have run some essential services. Lastly, they have provided vaccines to all age groups, people for better prevention against this virus. Governments also educated people to maintain 6 fit distance, wearing masks and sensitising their hands frequently, which minimises the risk of CORONA.

Question 4 How successfully would you say these measures have been?

Answer – In my view, this all remedy very use full for the people in India especially vaccination camp and Mask use. In the second wave of this virus, almost 600 to 700 cases were counted every day, but after vaccination nowadays, hardly 3 to 4 cases are active.

Question 5 Is what you are going to study likely to be of any use to solve these problems?

Answer – Well, if I have a chance to study against the prevention of corona, I will learn some Ayurvedic studies to minimize the risk of this virus so poor people can easily use this remedy in their homes and stay healthy against this virus.

Moreover, the Ayurvedic solution also does not affect our body parts, and it is very cheaper than the medicines recommended by doctors.

Question 6 Should countries try to solve the climate change problems together or individually? Why?

Answer – Change in climate due to global warming is a serious concern in today’s time. I think this is not an individual task against this problem. All people need to come in front to sort out this problem as if we ignore this problem, and there will be ecological Imbalance in the near future.

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