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The Number of Car Accidents Is Increasing Annually

The Number of Car Accidents Is Increasing Annually.

The Number of car accidents is increasing annually. This is the result of poor driving skills. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

It is an irrefutable fact car crashing incidents are rising day by day and the big question that arises is who is to be blamed? Is it the poor driving skills or the lack of concentration when on road, it is not easy to directly make a judgement without digging deep? The discussion below will talk about the major and the minor things affecting the population.

Each morning there’s news about someone being injured on the road and what we all are doing on our behalf? It has been identified that the number of vehicles on the road has been increased to the sky and so are the number of drivers. Being on long routes in all the traffic without having a rest is one area of concern. People on roads do not realize the well being of themselves as well the others. To exemplify – I had a case in my home city where four friends were having a race on the main road crossing the speed limit and driving directly at the speed of 100 plus which led to the accident and it was sad knowing they were all responsible youngsters .

Additionally, the weather conditions play an important role as well. During the snow or the rainy season, roads get slippery and it is the keen responsibility of the driver to change to the snow tyres as per the season. There’s been a number of cases where the driver and the partner were not wearing seat belts, the traffic rules should be made more rigid so that people start taking them seriously. Traffic rules, speed limits being followed properly might bring a change

All in all, ill pen down by saying that I somewhat agree that poor driving decisions and skills lead to the crash rate but it is also the responsibility of the traffic department to make sure roads are safe to drive as well as the population is at blame for not following the rules. By joining the hands together and sharing advice and concerns and following the rules will certainly prove to be beneficial for all.

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