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It Is a Natural Process for Animal Species to Become Extinct

It Is a Natural Process for Animal Species to Become Extinct

It is a natural process for animal species to become extinct (e.g. dinosaurs, dodos, etc.). There is no reason why people should try to prevent this from happening. Do you agree or disagree?

Many years ago, a number of animals got extinct from the earth due to a natural procedure. As such, some people believe that there is nothing to do by humankind to prevent this natural happening; however, in my opinion, nowadays, human beings are more responsible for the extinction. Upcoming segments are going to elaborate my viewpoint with examples and explanations.

To embark with, it is a material fact that thousand years ago, because of environmental disasters, the plethora of animal species world completely vanished from the earth; for instance, dinosaurs were completely disappeared due to volcanic eruptions and the falling of meteoroids the sky as per some factual observations. Nevertheless, the rapid extinction of animals is no longer a natural aspect. The vast number of human activities, such as industrialisation and construction of roads in forests, are destroying the natural habitats of faunas. Ought to the fact, many get hunted down by predators; whereas, others died in lack of shelter.

In addition to this, people in the contemporary era are excessively self-centred. In order to satisfy their own desires, they are slaughtering alive and even using dead animals. These cruel human acts put the animal’s population at stake and disturb the food chain, which is of paramount importance for balanced biodiversity. For instance, elephant trunks are in high demand for decorating as well as making consumer goods. To cope with this, elephants are getting killed at an alarming rate. Hence, beyond control, consumerism is culpable for the animals almost near to extinction.

To conclude, apart from deteriorating natural intervention, humans are highly responsible for the permanent disappearance of today’s animals. Therefore, they must admit the accountability of their acts and put on some effective measures to flatten the curve of this problem.

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