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Describe a Person You Know Who Gave a Cleaver Solution to a Problem

Describe a Person You Know Who Gave a Cleaver Solution to a Problem (4) (1)

Describe a person you know who gave a cleaver solution to a problem

Sample Answer of Describe a Person You Know Who Gave a Cleaver Solution to a Problem

My grandfather gives a clever solution to a problem each and every time; I remember an instance where my father was having sudden gastric issues, and due to lockdown, all the hospital’s dispensaries were closed, and my grandfather knew that my father was in immense pain.

So he suggested that to bring lukewarm ginger & lemon water and add A Pinch of fennel and cumin seeds and a little bit of black salt in it. Grandfather told my father to ingest this three times after every hour.

That night after taking the first shot, he has a little bit of relief, but then after the second time, all the pain has gone. So that was the incident that my grandfather’s tips and the wise decision have helped.

Follow-ups Describe a Person You Know Who Gave a Cleaver Solution to a Problem.

Question 1 What is the difference between the role of a teacher and a parent in the education of children? –

Answer – The main difference is what I believe is the kind of education they are giving in school it is much more precise, and in-home parents gave education in a very basic manner and also the pace of grooming a child is very slow as compared to school.

Question 2 What suggestions would you give to teachers to improve education? –

Answer – The main suggestion should be that with the advancement in technology one has to transfer knowledge in a very efficient manner.

What is the best way to educate children, in your opinion? – The best when my opinion is to engage students in different activities like outdoor games and in computer classes we have to grow every facet of things so that one can have knowledge of each and everything. It should be a blend of both traditional and new methods.

Question 3 How can we help children realize their talents? –

Answer – It’s the parent’s responsibility who initially has to see whether in which activities his/her child is doing better and then he has to groom those skills.

Question 4 Does the government provide enough support to education in your view?

Answer – With this right to education law, what is the schools have a reservation of around 20 to 30% seats available for below poverty line students, so I think the government are taking this initiative very seriously and also the government school are developing and modified with recent technology that every privilege and underprivileged students have the facility to grow

Question 5 Do you think children’s wise are influence by their parents?

Answer – No, I disagree with this point. With the latest technologies and gadgets and also with the influence of social media, I think they have their own wise.

Question 6 Do you think children have a good habit nowadays? Why?

Answer – Children have both good and bad habits, but I think the bad habit is now a concern as they spend much time on Technologies, ignoring outdoor games and not doing many physical activities, a thing which is now becoming a huge concern globally.

Question 7 Why are children clever than before? Nature or nurture? Why?

Answer – I think it’s not natural; it’s nurture. with the advancement in technology and cheap internet, all children are growing, and with the help of parents and the infrastructure they are getting, they are becoming wise nowadays as compared to earlier

Question 8 What kind of skills are helpful for children? Why?

Answer – Communication skill is the most important skill. If children can communicate properly and with confidence, youngsters can achieve anything and learn as quickly as possible.

Question 9 Do you think a parent should send their children to a better school?

Answer – Why? From my point of view, parents should send the student to a good school because a good school has better infrastructure, good coaches, better staff and skilled teachers as their mentors who can enhance their skills.

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